Lip Contouring

Many women desire more sensual or voluptuous lips.  Additionally, many women
and a growing number of men are looking for more lip definition.  In either
case, advanced dermal fillers (sometimes in combination with BOTOX®
 are the leading option for non-surgical lip enhancement. 

Most medical professionals choose soft hyaluronic acid fillers like  Juvederm®,
Restylane® or Perlane® for lip enhancement procedures. 
Hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occurring substance found in the body that provides
the skin with volume and hydration, providing a nice, natural lip enhancement.

Lip Definition

While some individuals are born with less-defined lips, many other individuals lose
definition over the years, as the lips and nasal  philtrum (the ridge area
between the nose and lips) tend to flatten out.  Even individuals who do not
want plump, voluptuous lips can make subtle, yet definitive changes in their appearance
by adding definition to the ridges of the lips and nasal philtrum.

To regain definition, medical practitioners will generally place advanced dermal
fillers into the vermilion borders of the lips and perhaps into the ridges of the

Lip Enhancement Before and After Picture
nasal philtrum.  (The
vermilion border is the upper ridge of the upper lip and the lower ridge of the
lower lip.) 

In addition to dermal fillers, BOTOX® may be used to help roll the
lips outward.  BOTOX® placement can help add definition and
make thinner, flatter lips look more appealing.  BOTOX® is usually
placed at or slightly above the upper vermilion border and at the lower vermilion
border.  Dermal fillers and BOTOX® also help with lines and
lipstick bleeding around the lips and mouth.


Lip Volume

To make lips more voluptuous, healthcare professionals will use a variety of techniques,
Lips Before and After Picture
upon the patient’s particular
facial attributes and goals. 

If the lips need more definition, then the medical practitioner will likely perform
some or all of the procedures discussed in the Lip Definition segment above. 
In a few instances, these procedures may be all that is necessary to give the lips
a more sensuous look. 

Sometimes, however, medical practitioners will not place dermal fillers in the upper
vermilion border because the dermal filler can weigh down the upper lip and pull
it down (when the intent is to essentially roll the lip up and
Fuller Lips Before and After Picture
out a little). 
The choice whether to place dermal fillers in the upper vermilion border can also
depend upon the patient’s facial structure and desired outcome. 

To add volume to the lips, healthcare professionals will most often place dermal
fillers such as Juvederm® Ultra Plus or Perlane® on
the inside of the upper and lower lips, or mucosa. This augmentation procedure not
only bulks the lips, but can moderately elongate the lips – a further benefit
for those whose mouth area has become puckered. 

Some patients want their lips to look more fleshy or pouty.  In these instances,
medical practitioners will usually place a
Lip Enhancement Before and After Picture
greater amount of the
dermal filler towards the corners of the mouth.  BOTOX® may
also be used to roll the lips out somewhat, which can accentuate the results. 
If a patient already has full, shapely lips but desires a poutier look, then some
doctors may use BOTOX® without dermal fillers.

The lips, perhaps more than any other facial feature, are an area where the medical
practitioner’s artistry comes into play.  It is advisable to select a
medical professional who has performed at least hundreds of dermal filler procedures
because techniques are often refined over time. 
Mark M Hamilton MD Botox Glabella Before After Picture

A medical practitioner who is more experienced in these procedures will be far more
likely to achieve better, more pleasing and enduring results, which means you are
getting more for your money. We have determined a number of medical practitioners
nationally who have extensive experience or training with dermal filler medical
procedures.  To see a list of experienced healthcare professionals in your
area, or to receive a special discount on your procedure,
click here.


Contributing Medical Practitioner:
Mark M. Hamilton, MD F.A.C.S., Indianapolis, IN ~ Paul Vitenas, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S., Houston, TX
Mark Berkowitz M.D. , Sterling Heights, MI ~ Rebecca Fitzgerald, M.D., Los Angeles, CA
Catherine P. Winslow MD FACS, Carmel, IN ~ Brock Ridenour MD FACS, Saint Louis, MO
Theda C. Kontis MD FACS, Baltimore, MD ~ Michael D. Yates M.D., Huntsville, AL
Jules A. Feledy Jr. MD, Stafford, VA ~ Stephen Mandy M.D., Miami Beach, FL
Larry Schlesinger MD, Kahului, HI ~ Gregory Roberts, Plano, TX