Chin Contouring

Many individuals suffer from chins that are somehow misshapen. Some chins may look weak or under-formed. Many patients, particularly men, who complain of weak or under-formed chins, often say they suffer from low self esteem or feel like they may be incorrectly viewed as a ‘weak’ individual. Many other patients complain of a ‘jowled’ look or indentions on either side of the chin known as the prejowl sulcus. While other patients (oftentimes women) may feel insecure about an overly prominent chin, sometimes referred to as a ‘witch’ chin.

Of the 730,000 surgical procedures to lift or contour various facial features in 2007, nearly 15,000 of those procedures were surgical chin augmentations.1 Many medical practitioners now treat these conditions (alternatively or in conjunction with surgical chin augmentations), utilizing advanced dermal fillers, such as such as Juvederm®, Radiesse® and Restylane®, as well as BOTOX®, to contour and correct deficiencies in the chin area, non surgically.

Weak Chin

Over time, the chins of some individuals lose their definition as skeletal recession and facial atrophy takes its toll. A weak or under formed chin may also be hereditary. A weak chin can play an important role in diminishing a person’s overall appearance and stature.
If a receding chin is accompanied by jowls, then lifting the jowls will give the lower face better balance, diminishing the appearance of a weak or under formed chin. One method to subtly help the appearance of a weak chin is to have a healthcare professional apply advanced dermal fillers such as Sculptra®, Juvederm® or Radiesse® on the areas of the cheek bones or sub malar region
below the cheek bones on the flat plane of the face. This will add volume and gently lift the jowls up and away

Chin Contouring Before and After Picture from the chin. Not only do the jowls become less prominent and less noticeable, but the chin appears to stand out more as a result.

Another method some healthcare professionals are using to augment a weak chin is to place either Radiesse® or bulking dermal filler products, such as Juvederm® Ultra Plus or Perlane®, directly on the chin area. This method can help rebuild the prominence of the chin.



The prejowl sulcus is a hollowing of an area on either side of the chin that is accentuated by the formation of jowls. This condition occurs in many individuals due to skeletal volume loss and facial atrophy, as part of the aging process. Chin Contouring Before and After Picture Jowls form as facial features begin to sag. Advanced dermal fillers are used by healthcare professionals in a couple ways to help with jowls, non surgically.
The first method utilized by medical practitioners is to fill the sunken prejowl sulcus area with advanced dermal fillers, such as Radiesse®, Perlane® or Juvederm® Ultra Plus.
The fillers are typically placed in the deep dermis below the skin in the recessed area between the jowl and the chin.

If done properly, this procedure can restore a natural contour from cheek to chin in many individuals, without surgery.

The second way to alleviate this condition is to lift the jowls with dermal fillers placed in the cheeks or along the jaw line. This may be done with advanced dermal fillers such as Sculptra®, Juvedermtm or Radiesse®. Chin Contouring Before and After Picture In some instances, medical practitioners will use a combination of these products to optimize contouring and longevity of the results.


In addition to the techniques mentioned above, some healthcare professionals will place BOTOX® in an area that is a little below and to the outside of the oral commissure lines, or along the jaw line, to help lift the corners of the mouth, which in turn can help with the prejowl sulcus.

Overly Prominent Chin

In a few individuals, chins are overly prominent or seem out of proportion to the remainder of the face. This is a condition that a fair number of female patients find troubling. This can be hereditary or may stem from overuse of the chin muscles.
If the individual with an overly prominent chin also has a sunken prejowl sulcus, then the non-surgical techniques mentioned above (for correction of the prejowl sulcus area) will help contour and balance the chin with the rest of the face. This will diminish the appearance of a ‘witch’ chin.

If overdevelopment of the chin muscle is a contributing factor, then some medical practitioners will inject BOTOX® into the tip of the of the chin. This will decrease the forceful contraction of the muscle, which may somewhat soften or shrink the overdeveloped muscle, aiding in the reduction of the chin.


It is advisable to select a medical practitioner who has performed at least hundreds of dermal filler procedures because techniques are often refined over time. Experienced practitioners will be more likely to optimize your results and give you more natural, appealing results. We have determined a number of medical practitioners nationally who have extensive experience or training with dermal filler medical procedures. To see a list of experienced healthcare professionals in your area, or to receive a special discount on your procedure, click here.

Contributing Medical Practitioner:
Michael Macdonald MD FACS FRCSC, San Francisco, CA ~ Alexander Z. Rivkin, M.D., LA, Los Angeles, CA
W. Grant Stevens MD FACS, Marina Del Rey, CA ~ Dennis J. Hurwitz MD, Pittsburgh, PA
William J. Hall M.D., Scottsdale, AZ ~ Otto J. Placik MD FACS, Chicago, IL
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