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Cheek Augmentation

Many individuals desire to have fuller, more appealing cheek structure or wish to correct gaunt, sunken cheeks.  Both of these conditions can now be treated, non surgically, by healthcare professionals with advanced dermal fillers, such as Juvederm® Ultra, Juvederm® Ultra Plus, Radiesse®, Restylane®, Perlane®, and Sculptra®

With advanced dermal fillers, medical practitioners can provide fuller, more prominent cheeks.  A face that is relatively flat or two dimensional can be augmented for a more appealing, 3-dimensional look.  Additionally, healthcare professionals can diminish a gaunt appearance and return a fuller, healthier look to the hollows on the flat portion of the face below the cheek bones.

Upper Cheek Contouring

Over two thousand Americans seek surgical cheek implants each year. Cheek implants are one of the top 20 cosmetic surgical procedures.1  This number has declined over 50% since the turn of the century, largely due to the non-surgical alternative of utilizing advanced dermal fillers.

The cheek bone area is a key treatment zone for many individuals who are seeking a lift in one of several aspects of the face.  Over time, skeletal changes, Cheek Augmentation Image Before and After fat loss and collagen depletion will flatten the cheeks.  This can accentuate sagging in many areas of the face like the hollows under the eyes, the jowls and a downward turn of the lips.  

Correction of the cheek area with advanced dermal fillers such as Radiesse®, Perlane® and Juvederm® can effect a subtle, yet dramatic, improvement in the appearance of an aging face.  The technique of the medical practitioner is very important in creating a natural lift. 

Depending upon the facial characteristics of the patient and personal goals, medical practitioners can give the cheeks a smooth curve or a more defined ‘apple’ effect.  Patients desiring more of an apple-type cheek can ask for additional filler in the upper portion of the cheek bone area.  This procedure can add or restore appealing dimensions to a flat or sagging face, non surgically.


Cheek Hollow Contouring

In the area below the cheek bones and out on the flat plane of the face, advanced dermal fillers can be used to correct a hollowing that occurs with age or disease.  Many individuals who look gaunt or suffer from hollow cheeks can experience remarkable results with a non surgical dermal filler procedure in the cheek hollow areas. 
Some medical professionals prefer Sculptra® in the cheek hollows, sometimes placed in an area that follows the jaw line to the temples.  Sculptra® solely stimulates regeneration of the body’s own collagen.   Sculptra® takes a few months before it begins to work, so the results are gradual.  Other advanced dermal fillers may also be used in the cheek hollows, but Cheek Augmentation Image Before and AfterCheek Augmentation Image Before and After medical practitioners must balance the weight and pull of the fillers in this area with the potential to push the skin upward and outward.

It is advisable to select a medical practitioner who has performed at least hundreds of dermal filler procedures because techniques are often refined over time.  A medical practitioner who is more experienced in these procedures will be far more likely to achieve better, more pleasing and enduring results, which means you are getting more for your money. We have determined a number of medical practitioners nationally who have extensive experience or training with dermal filler medical procedures.  To see a list of experienced healthcare professionals in your area, or to receive a special discount on your procedure, click here.


Featured Healthcare Professionals:

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1 Source:  American Society of Plastic Surgeons

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